Soviet Sound
Tube amplifiers for musicians and true music lovers
In the Soviet Union the vacuum tube
equipment used to be developed in
isolation from the outside world.
The Communist Party established
for the Soviet hardware the
priorities different from the Western
Hardly anything could compromise
that powerful heavy duty equipment,
which is as reliable as the famous AK-47.
Vogue, advertisement or marketing
just did not matter.
Soviet Sound systems are
manufactured from the high quality
components made in USSR.
Some necessary parts are taken
from old devices extracted from the
depth of babushkas' attics.
Some other parts are released by
the military surplus stocks.
In all cases the parts are
meticulously tested and modified as
Each device is unique both in its
design and its sound.
Soviet tube head plays you
Musicians always fully control the
direction of engineering as well as
the workmanship. Perfect musical
sound remains the ultimate criterion.

A Soviet Sound device can be
extremely power consuming and
look like a heavy combat vehicle but
its sound always gives you shivers.
Legendary Soviet Sound
Russia, Lipetskaya oblast